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Washer Machine Repair Pensacola FL

Broken Washer Repair Service

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A reputable Washer Repair service repairman isn’t always easy to find. Your average handyman doesn’t know the ins and outs of appliance repair like we do. You can trust us no matter if your washer has been in need of attention for awhile or you discovered your brand new Kenmore washer isn’t turning on like it should be.

Broken washers have a number of problems spanning from noisy malfunctioning agitators to broken pumps.

Is your washer machine not working? Maybe the washer is making weird noises. Perhaps it’s leaking water and threatening to ruin your flooring.

Your washer is one of the most inconvenient appliances to not have working properly. And if you don’t have a backup, you could be out of luck pretty quick. Don’t get stuck in a washer-less situation – call one of our appliance repair experts at (850) 583-9319.

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Washer Repair Pensacola FL
Washer Machine Repair in Pensacola FL

Before You Call for Washer Repair

Our Broken Washer Machine Checklist

We can’t count the number of times we’ve visited a home just to discover the washer machine’s waterline was switched off. We’re sure you would rather not waste your money on something so simple. Save yourself some time and money. Run through this quick checklist before calling.

  • No cold water? Be sure the hot water valve is turned on.
  • No hot water? Be sure the cold water valve is turned on.
  • Washer won’t turn on at all? Check if there is electricity getting to your washer machine. Locate your circuit breaker box to be sure it’s not just a blown fuse.
  • Washer isn’t working? Look where the power cord connects to the washer, be sure it’s not loose.
  • Washer machine overflowing? Be sure the lid switch is functioning how it should. If it is working correctly, check for a clogged hose or malfunctioning pump.
  • Washer fills and drains at the same time? Examine the back side of your washer machine. Is there is anything stuck inside the pump?  If you’ve ruled out any clogging issue, then the problem is probably a broken impeller.

Nothing is easier to take for granted than your washing machine. You just throw clothes in with some laundry soap, push some buttons, and voila! Less than an hour later your clothes are clean, and all you have to do is throw them in the dryer.

When it breaks, you realize just how many clothes you and your family wear and how dirty they get. Spending your weekend making sure that you have enough clothes for the work and school week is challenging. Throw in a couple of weekday Little League ball games, with white uniforms that just have to be washed between games, a school picture day where only the right shirt will do (and it’s dirty), an accidental step into a mud puddle in your last clean pair of socks, and you’ll start to feel a little frazzled.

Fortunately, we have the home appliance repair experience you need to get those dirty baseball uniforms and the rest of your wardrobe back in the game.