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Small Appliance Repair Pensacola, FL

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A reputable small appliance repair service repairman isn’t always easy to find. Your average handyman doesn’t know the ins and outs of small appliance repair like we do. You can trust us whether your small appliance has been in need of attention for awhile or your brand new garbage disposal isn’t grinding your garbage like it should.

Small appliance problems may not be as catastrophic as having one of your large appliances break, but the nuisance of those minor life inconveniences start to add up. First, you’re filling up ice trays again because your ice maker stopped working after making terrible noises for a few days. Then your garbage disposal quits too, and you’re scraping garbage off plates into trash bags, then swatting flies and gnats gathering at the trash. And you’re warming up leftover pizza the old fashioned way, in the oven, because your microwave start button isn’t working either.

You are probably wondering, “Is there even a small appliances repair service near me?” since many appliance repair companies don’t even work on the small jobs. And you’re also wondering if it’s going to be worth the cost of repair. For small appliances you need budget repair service. But compared to replacing your small appliances or just eating out every night so that you don’t have to deal with your kitchen, small appliance repair can be very affordable.

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What makes us the right call for small appliance repair in Pensacola

Small Appliance Repair Pensacola FL
  • Our service repairmen are local. Chances are, you run into us at the local gas station and we may even live in the neighborhood. That makes us available, and it decreases cost because we are already there.
  • We are trained, licensed and insured for all kinds of appliance repair. We’re willing to do the small jobs because we know what we’re doing and can get in and out quickly.
  • We understand and respect our customers. You have your own areas of knowledge and skill, and we won’t take advantage of your lack of knowledge in our area of expertise. We do only what needs to be done to fix the appliance and charge fairly – and if it would be cheaper to replace the appliance, we’ll tell you that too.

Fun things to do when you’re microwave isn’t working

We understand that you may want to take your broken microwave as an opportunity to live a bit off the grid, take a walk on the wild side, and show your kids what it was like to live in 1970s:

  • Make popcorn on the stove. Remember how to do that? Big deep pot, oil in the bottom, cover the bottom with kernels, turn the heat to medium high, put a lid on it, shake it occasionally, hope the popcorn doesn’t spill out over the kitchen, cover it with butter.
  • Build your own outdoor brick oven for making pizza. Got some clay bricks lying around, a few pieces of steel and some charcoal? Plenty of DIY videos online to show you how.
  • Go boy/girl scout style and make a Bunsen burner out of a tuna can, cardboard and candle pieces. Yes, you really can do that. You have to eat the tuna first though.

But wait, you live in an apartment with no place to build an outdoor pizza oven, work 60 hours a week, you’re kids are in college and you don’t have time for this inconvenient wilderness crap? Call us instead, the small appliance repair pros. We will take you back into the future and get all your modern conveniences working again.

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