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Dryer Repair Pensacola, FL

Broken Dryer Repair Service

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A reputable Dryer Repair service repairman isn’t always easy to find. Your average handyman doesn’t know the ins and outs of appliance repair like we do. You can trust us whether your dryer has been in need of attention for awhile or you discovered your brand new Samsung isn’t getting your clothes as dry as they should be.

Hanging your clothes on a line sounds beautiful and rustic. Fresh linen sheets blowing in the sunshiny spring air, perfumed by flowers and drawing butterflies with their bright colors – the image is beautiful.

The reality is that you don’t even have an outside clothes line, and you’re hanging clothes all over the inside of your house or apartment. You’re just hoping everything gets dry, and when it does, it all needs ironed.

Or, you’re packing it all in your car and trekking it down to the nearest laundromat after work, only to discover the laundromat closes early on the only night you had time to do laundry. You and your broken dryer need serious appliance repair help, an appliance repair pro who can rescue you ASAP – call one of our appliance repair experts at (850) 583-9319.

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Dryer Repair Pensacola FL
Dryer Repair Service Pensacola FL


Dryer won’t heat up:

  • A blown thermal fuse is a common problem. It’s an inch or two long and found in your dryer’s cabinet. Just remember to unplug the dryer first – this is high voltage stuff!
  • Clogged lent traps or vents could be blocking air flow, causing the thermal fuse to blow. After you replace the bad fuse, clean everything out to prevent it from happening again.
  • Heating elements can also go bad. It’s not impossible to spend your weekend fixing that, but it would be a whole lot easier to just call a fast, dependable dryer repair service.

Dryer won’t turn on:

  • The fuse might be blown in your breaker box, or your outlet could be bad. Check those first.
  • It could be the dryer door latch, since it has to close completely before the dryer will spin. Make sure nothing is stuck in the door or keeping the latch from closing.
  • The switch that turns your dryer on could be broken or not connected properly.
  • Unfortunately, this could also mean your motor has bit the dust, or that the electronic control board isn’t working, and a good appliance repair service is your dryer’s best hope.


And this is why you should let us:

Our technicians are licensed, insured, and experienced in working on all kinds of dryer brands. We have a long history of providing home appliance repair you can count on. With a large, high voltage appliance, you want someone you can trust to fix it correctly and safely.

We’re fast and local! We won’t tell you that we’ll see you in a couple of weeks if we can squeeze you in when we have a repairman in the area. We’re already in the area, and often we can be there in minutes.

We offer affordable appliance repair. When you compare calling us to the time and money spent on parts and trying to fix it yourself (then having to call us anyway), or buying a whole new dryer, we’re VERY affordable.

That musty, mildewy smell that everyone’s complaining about at work? That’s you, dude. That’s your not-quite-all-the-way-dry-when-you-hung-them-in-the-closet clothes smell. Save yourself more embarrassment – call us, the appliance repair pros at (850) 583-9319.

Dryer Repair in Pensacola FL
Broken Dryer Repair Pensacola