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Dishwasher Repair Pensacola, FL

Broken Dishwasher Repair Service

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A reputable Dishwasher Repair service repairman isn’t always easy to find. Your average handyman doesn’t know the ins and outs of appliance repair like we do. You can trust us whether your dishwasher has been in need of attention for awhile or you discovered your brand new Bosch isn’t humming along quietly like it should be.

Dishwashers can present a multitude of problems, ranging from the dishwasher refusing to turn on to dishes that just aren’t clean enough. Water leaking underneath or not draining completely are also common problems.

Are you getting ready for company and your dishes are stacked to the ceiling? Have you been eating off paper plates to avoid flooding the kitchen or eating off plates that are only sort of clean? Have you already put off calling an appliance repairman just a little too long?

Nothing is much worse than having your dishwasher break down. Without it, somebody in your house eventually has to do the dishes. That could get ugly, especially after a big Sunday dinner or holiday meal. Appliance repair services may be the key to keeping your family together.

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Dishwasher Repair Pensacola FL


Plays to run before you call the Hail Mary (which would mean calling us).

  • If the dishwasher isn’t turning on, check the power source. Start with the breaker box to make sure the fuse isn’t blown. If the fuse is good, pull the dishwasher out to see if the plug is loose from the outlet. If not, is the outlet working? (Test this by plugging something else into it such as a phone charger.)
  • If the dishwasher isn’t getting the dishes clean, you may just be using the wrong detergent. Check the manual to make sure you are using the right kind.
  • If you changed detergents, and the dishes are still dirty, is the washing machine filling up with enough water? The float may be stuck in a raised position, making the machine think it is full before it is.
  • If water is leaking underneath the dishwasher, check to see if the water hose is still tightly attached.
  • If the dishwasher is not draining, the strainer may just be clogged. These are usually in the bottom but can be placed in different positions.

We could give you more DIY tips on dishwasher appliance repair than this, but we would have to start using words like “needle nose pliers,” “aerators,” and “inlet valves,” and we don’t think you want us to go there. Just call us. We won’t fumble, promise. We are the ultimate appliance pros.

Reasons NOT to wash your dishes by hand:

  • Wrinkled, dried out dishwater hands went out of style in the 50s.
  • Wearing those yellow gloves to prevent dishwater hands went out with the 70s.
  • Remember that huge water fight you had with your brother while you were doing dishes back twenty years ago, and how mad your mom was about the mess? YOU’RE THE MOM NOW, and your kids will think water fights are funny too.
  • There is no good time to hand-wash dishes – after you eat, you’re too tired to wash all those dishes; before you eat, you’re too hungry to wash all those dishes.

Don’t go another day with a broken dishwasher. You (and your family) have suffered long enough. Call us for professional, dependable, affordable appliance repair. (850) 583-9319

Dishwasher Repair in Pensacola FL